Multidimensional Capital

At Capital Dimensions our focus is on building valuable companies


Valuable companies are sometimes retained and sometimes sold. They are valued by their owners and others who would like to own them.

Our approach is focused on creating value but not solely predicated on a transaction.

As we focus on value rather than a transaction, we create authentic and enduring relationships. Our services are packaged to align us with our clients over the long-term.


We help ambitious businesses at three key stages of growth:



1. Traction

The business has traction, clients are transacting and the initial business model is emerging, now the business needs the resources to break out of the start-up phase.


2. Expansion

There is confidence in the business model and how to expand, now the business needs the right capital mix to implement an expansion plan.

3. Evolution

The core business activity is in place and has supported the business to date. However this activity now needs to be complemented with innovation and extension into new areas to support future growth, enhance value and de-risk for the long term.


Some companies we've helped


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